At the end of 2017, the stray animal medical vehicle opened the way to practice medicine. It serves the community, shelters, colleges and other places where stray animals live in groups every month, and helps them to protect their health and prevent diseases to the greatest extent.

  • Vaccine

    Rescuers and doctors cooperate tacitly

  • Adoption

    Each animal has an exclusive record card, which becomes a file for future adoption

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Medical center

At present, the animal medical vehicle service project includes 6 items:

immunization, deworming, trauma treatment, physical examination, biochemical and blood routine, and sterilization.

As of July 2021, the animal medical vehicle has made a total of 90 trips, and the number of service animals is 7,816, and the number of service animals is still increasing. . . . . .

While paying attention to the public welfare project of rescuing stray animals

Hey Toy World also tries to combine the purchase of pet toys with public welfare projects

hoping to pass on the public welfare concept of treating animals to the public

Donation Certificate

For every purchase

we will donate ¥ to the [ Mobile Medical Vehicle for Stray Animals ] project through Alipay


We hope that our actions can help more bases and have more positive changes!